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If you have a large format printer which supports formats such as A2 you will need to create a binding. In certain cases the format that is available within Shoppa is not compatible with the preset format within the printer driver. 

Shoppa will detect if the sign will fit on the current paper and printer. If the sign won’t fit on the paper, Shoppa will display the following error when printing: 

Output format does not fit on the selected printer. Please verify your printer binding.”

In later versions of Shoppa, the printer will be unlisted or the format will not appear when creating the printer binding. To resolve the issue the format has to be created within the printer driver. This is usually done within the printer driver in the “Paper/Quality” menu by clicking “Custom”. Or by going to “Paper Feed Options..” in the setup menu and then clicking “Custom Size”. This will let you define the format dimensions.

Make sure that the format is the same size as the format in Shoppa. 

Once you have added the correct format to the printer driver the format will be available when creating the printer binding.

Updated on 14 december, 2020

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