Shoppa 3 – Release notes

Shoppa 3.0 

New Features 

  • A modernized user interface with less borders and area dividers. Better usage of vertical space. 
  • Faster startup due to caching of tags. 
  • Campaign recording got new more prominent place among templates. This will make them easier to find for the store. Also, a new workflow for creating campaign recordings have been introduced. 
  • Template layouts shown with thumbnails. The thumbnails are redrawn to reflect template changes. Gives the user an immediate understanding of what the different layouts contains. 
  • Digital signage playlists shown with thumbnails. This makes it easier to find and reuse existing playlists. 

Design mode specific features 

  • Bullet points in multi-line text. Automatic recognition of several characters as bullets. Option to choose character or to disable bullet behavior. 
  • Adjustable letter spacing in text, i.e. tracking, in all text fields. 
  • Font size in multi-line text changes depending on document size. This makes it easier to predict and adjust font size and compare it with other software. 
  • OpenType fonts can be imported. 
  • A new Shape tool for vector shapes. SVG files can be imported and used as graphical elements. 
  • Option to pan and zoom image. The designer can now select what part of a bigger image she wants to focus on. 
  • Layout thumbnails can have three sizes in design mode. 
  • Snapping of elements in design mode. Snaps against element borders and centers, against guidelines, document border and margin. Snapping can be disabled and hidden. 
  • Text elements, circles and shapes can be stretched to allow for a free artistic use of typography. 
  • Circles and rectangles and shapes support shadow. 
  • Linked layouts can be welded to allow all element changes to be reflected an all linked layouts. Used to simplify maintenance of complex multi layout templates. 
  • Smart layers allow for more complex templates and better visibility control. Visibility rules are defined based on tag information and logic parameters. In design mode, layers can manually be shown or hidden to gain access to underlying elements. 
  • Entering coordinates for element position, rotation, and size. Simple expressions can be evaluated. Like 3.56 mm + 3 cm, or 34 mm * 2 
  • Layout/size can be changed in multiple signs at a time in output queue or printer campaign. 

Shoppa 3.1 

New features 

  • Combined product offers (EAG) 
  • Electronic shelf labels 
  • Precision printing on low resolution labels 

Shoppa 3.2 

Shoppa 3.2 is mostly a stability release on top of Shoppa 3.1. 

New features 

  • Change sqlite modes 
  • Track connection lifetime 
  • Track filelocks for database files 
  • Active Directory SSO with multiple customers is officially supported 

Shoppa 3.3

Shoppa 3.3 is a standard Shoppa Client available for all customers. 

New Features 

  • Save as picture in more formats 
  • Remove the image size limitations 
  • Round labels 
  • Line Tool 
  • Reworked color handling
    Supports colour creation with RGB and CMYK colour codes.  
  • Image adjustments 
    Lets the user adjust specific images or image boxes with settings such as brightness, contrast, saturation and more.

Shoppa 3.4  

Adds the AddOn DSSaveToFile (MP4), which lets customers export Digital Signage playlists as video files that can be played in any video player. 


  • Video file creation from Shoppa Client 
    You can manually select resolution, orientation and save path.

Additional improvements 

  • Lots of performance improvements 

Shoppa 3.5 

Shoppa 3.5 contains all bugfixes from Shoppa 3.4.94. 


  • Duplex printing – Print on both sides of a paper 
    This setting is manually enabled when configuring a printer binding.

Additional improvements 

  • Improved print speed

Shoppa 3.6 

Shoppa 3.6 contains all bugfixes released in Shoppa 3.5.29. 


  • Store Groups – Store groups lets the headquarters publish material such as images, templates and print campaigns to a selection of stores 
  • Extended parent products – Define a parent product with child products that becomes visible when added to the template 
  • Store specific tag values – Populate templates with different content depending on which store the current user is logged in as 
  • Purpose variables – Improved functionality for working with purposes in design mode 

Additional improvements 

  • When upgrading, Shoppa automatically prevents users having broken data from previous versions 


  • Feedback message (dialog) requires value in “From” field
    To ensure that we are able to contact the feedback reporter we now require a valid email when submitting feedback.
Updated on 19 november, 2021

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