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If you are searching for products and ”no products found” appears it may be caused by active filter settings.

To verify the filter settings you can click the icon next to the search bar.
If the product you are searching for is in the product database it will show if you set the filter to ”All products”.

If you are getting the No Products Found message within campaigns or product groups, make sure that the search field is empty.

The filter options works as follows:

My assortment – Shows only products from active price list or campaign
Campaigns – Shows only promotional items from active price list
Product groups – Shows only products that are part of a product group and an active price list

Changed since print: Filters products that have changed since they were last printed

Yesterday – Products that have changed since yesterday
Last week – Products that have changed since 7 days ago
Last month – Products that have changed since 30 days ago

Updated on 11 november, 2021

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