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Connect your printer to Shoppa

In Shoppa, you have the option to specify which printer, which paper format and which tray you would like to use when printing various print sizes.
This setting is then saved to ensure that the sign will be printed correctly every time. 

If you do not specify a printer, Shoppa will use the default printer set in Windows.

Follow these steps to properly connect your printer.

  1. Click the “i” icon next to the desired format. The printer binding window will open.
  2. Click Add to create a new printer binding. The printer binding configuration window will open.
  3. Select the printer you wish to use for the selected format
  4. Select the paper size installed in the printer 
  5. Select which paper source (tray) that should be used 
  6. Give the binding a name. If necessary, tick the “Print division lines” box 
  7. Click OK. The new printer binding is now selected for the format and will appear in the list.
Updated on 27 augusti, 2021

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