Black/White print

If your prints are in monochrome/black and white these measures can help you resolve the error:
Shoppa prints the sign as it is shown on the screen and there is no setting to activate black and white printing in Shoppa. Color management is only managed at printer level.

Firstly, verify that the printer driver is not set to black and white printing.You can do this by going to “Devices and Printers” and click “Manage” on the printer that is printing black/white and finally by clicking on “Printing Preferences”.

Verify that the preview looks correct and that no black and white printing option is checked.

Change Device type to Color

In some printers, color settings are determined automatically. In this case, it may help to force prints to be printed in color by configuring the printer device type.

You can do this by going to “Devices and Printers” and click “Manage” then by clicking “Printer properties” and then “Device Options”. Under the “Device Settings” tab within the printer settings, there may be an option called “Device Type”. Change this setting to “Color”.

If this does not resolve the error you will need to contact your printer supplier or your IT-support for guidance on how to resolve the issue.

Updated on 14 december, 2020

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