Reset local database

A database reset removes all Shoppa data such as templates and pictures from your computer. In certain cases this may be necessary due to database corruption or other errors related to data.

All Shoppa data except the printer archive is stored in the cloud and will be redownloaded once the database has been deleted.

Please note that depending on the speed of your internet connection, pictures and templates may take several minutes to download.

How to reset your database

  1. Make sure that you have your username and password available
  2. Exit Shoppa
  3. Open the Windows start menu and type %appdata% and press Enter
  4. Open the “Shoppa” folder within %appdata%
  5. Find the file with the name “CommonEmbedded_[X]-[YourUserName].db3”
  6. Delete this file
  7. Start Shoppa
  8. Use your username and password to login
Updated on 14 december, 2020

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