• The screen displays material that you have not sent to the player

    Problem: The screen displays material that you have not sent to the player.  Cause: The player or a channel has an offline material playlist.  The offline material is playing when there is no material for the player to show or when the Director or player is offline.  Solution: Send material to the player. If it does not update to the…

  • Pink window

    Problem: One or more slides show a pink box across all or part of the screen.  Cause: The pink boxes are intended to play a video, but the video could not be downloaded or the link/media was not supported.  Solution: Verify that the video can be downloaded from the link.  See the link and media requirements below:  .Mp4 format  H.264 / H.265 Codec  The video must be on…

  • Black screen

    Problem: The screen is black.  Cause: The screen is turned off or wrong source.  Solution: Confirm that the screen is turned on and the source is correct. Cause: The player has crashed or are having problems sending a signal to the screen.  Solution 1: Unplug the power cable and plug it in again.  Solution 2: Unplug the HDMI cable and plug it in…

  • White text on blue background

    Problem: The screen displays the message ”Screen #1”, or another number.  Cause: The player is not registered in Shoppa.  Solution: Add the player to a channel.   Problem: The screen displays the player name.  Cause: The player has no material to show, neither now nor scheduled in the future.  Solution: Send content to the player with “Start playing now” or the scheduler. 

  • Alphanumeric code

    Problem: The screen displays an eight-character alphanumeric code, in the style of “R8MEM9JG” for a longer period.  Cause: The director has not found a Shoppa client in the network.  Solution: Manually add the director to your Shoppa account.

  • Error: No network

    Problem: The screen displays the message ”No network” for a longer period.  Cause: The player and the director have found each other in the network, but the director does not have access to the Shoppa services.  Solution: Confirm that the network being used has internet access.  Solution: Confirm that the system requirements are met. 

  • Status: Waiting for Director

    Problem: The screen displays the message ”Waiting for Director” for a longer period.  Cause: The player has a network connection but cannot find a director in the network.  Solution: Confirm that the director is connected to the network and turned on. Check network cable and whether network outlets are working properly.  Solution: Confirm that the player and director is connected to…

  • Status: Waiting for network

    Problem: The screen displays the message “Waiting for network” for a longer period.  Cause: The player has no network connection.   Solution: Confirm that the player has a network cable connected. Make sure the network socket used is working (see if the LEDs on the network socket are flashing). Replace the network cable. Restart the…

  • Local Storage Error

    This error may appear when an application or certain user rights blocks the Shoppa client from creating or downloading necessary database files. To resolve the issue, please contact your IT support.

  • Printshop

    Our Printshop lets you order everything from shelf labels or large format printouts and self-adhesive banners directly from Shoppa. The signs will be printed at our printshop and shipped directly to your store, usually within 3 business days. If interested or if you have any questions, please refer to your…